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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Green Hike

Yesterday i went for my scouts hike the hike started from Teluk Bahang to Pantai Keracut.Of all days to rain heavily it rained yesterday.That made the hike a lot harder the floor wad all mushy,soggy and very slippery.The hike there took about 1 hour.When we reached Pantai Keracut we had a few stations to brief us on what to do there.we had to build a shelter made out of organic things(no raphias). Then we must go under it then they will pour sea water on it.So i got wet along with a few others.Then we hiked back.Another 1 hour hiking now evereybody is tired.The first aider got buzy.many people got cramp or they sprained their legs.I did't post this yesterday because i was too tired.

Friday, April 29, 2005


BIG ham ham
My current hobby is rearing hamster. This is my hamster, so fat and cute.

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